Welcome to Real Holistic Health Care's FAQ page.

Here, we've compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions about our elderly care home, services, and approach to senior care. We understand that choosing the right care home can be overwhelming, so we aim to provide you with as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1How much does it cost?
Our weekly fees depend on individual needs and they are based on a comprehensive pre-admission assessment. Fees are quoted as 'gross weekly', which means they are the total you will be asked to pay. The NHS Registered Nursing Care Contribution (also known as Free Nursing Care) will be applied for if relevant and refunded to you if and when awarded.
2What is included in the fees?
Our fees include everything required to keep residents comfortable, well cared for and safe: Private en-suite bedroom Heating and lighting Daily main meals, supper and available snacks Drinks and refreshments Access to and use of any aids and/or appliances according to individual needs, including hoists, wheelchairs and walking aids All property taxes levied on the Home, including Council Tax and water rates Laundry service Care and support from qualified staff to help with daily living in line with the resident’s agreed plan of care Use of communal lounges and facilities Access to and use of communal grounds/gardens
3Do you accept Local Authority rates?
Yes, however Local Authority fees are usually significantly lower than our standard weekly fees and at times in combination with a third party ‘top-up’ payment or if the Local Authority agrees to meet our full fees.
4Are we eligible for Free Nursing Care (RNCC)?
Generally, most people entering a nursing home should be eligible. Following admission to the home, and with your consent, we will apply for Free Nursing Care on your behalf. An NHS Assessor may then arrange a visit to make a separate assessment.
5Do I need my own money?
Yes, we always advise residents to have a small amount of money available that will cover incidental costs, such as buying toiletries or for trips out.
6What happens if our funds run out?
Our usual expectation is that you have sufficient funds available to pay our fees for up to three years. If your funds run out after that, the Local Authority would normally pay for your care at their rates, subject to a financial needs assessment. In this situation we would not expect you to leave the home.
7Can we keep our own GP?
Yes, providing your existing GP is relatively local to the home and is prepared to continue looking after you and to visit the home on request. This is something you will need to arrange and inform the home. We also have an exclusive arrangement with a GP practice local to each of our homes, ensuring consistency and quality of care.
8Can I take my mother/father/relative out?
Definitely. As long as there are no medical reasons that might prevent this, we always encourage trips out and know how much our residents enjoy a change of scene. All we ask is that you give us advance warning so we can ensure they are properly prepared and that we know roughly when to expect them back.
9 What are your visiting hours?
We never restrict visiting to specific hours and visitors are welcome at any time. However, visitors should be aware that there are certain times of the day when staff will be particularly busy, such as meal times. Residents are also free to get up or go to bed when it suits them, and they can choose who they want to see. If you are in any doubt of when best to visit, please call the home.