Fashion Over Coffee serves as a sustainable fashion book club tailored for industry experts within the Ghanaian fashion industry. This exclusive club offers a platform for members to delve into the realm of sustainable fashion practices while fostering connections among like-minded individuals passionate about sustainability. Handpicked from diverse sectors of the fashion industry, including education, retail, merchandising, design, public relations and communications, the members bring varied perspectives crucial for enriching discussions and shaping educational materials designed by Quinsera for fashion students in Ghana.

The book club serves as a dynamic avenue for members to stay abreast of sustainable fashion trends and explore innovative ways to champion sustainability in their professional and personal spheres. Beyond its role in knowledge exchange, it acts as a preparatory ground, grooming members to mentor students for future initiatives undertaken by Quinsera.

Here is how the cool fashion girls describe the significance of this project.

Fashion brands need to take more concrete steps to embrace sustainability. True sustainability should ensure that the creation process is environmentally and socially sound, from materials to manufacturing, all the way to workers’ conditions and fair pay. I believe the industry is open to change and embracing sustainability will create more positive results for our communities, I look forward to being a part of the change-makers driving force championing awareness and enforcing sustainable development in the fashion industry
- Worlaenam Sika, Co-founder SULIT.

There is a need for information and sensitization on sustainable fashion. Both of these benefits are included in this project 
- Harriet Ann Adjabeng, Founder and Lead Consultant, Quinsera


"One of the biggest hurdles the fashion industry In Africa faces is lack of information. Whether it’s information on fashion history, on sustainability, on business knowledge etc there’s a huge knowledge gap. And because of that, Quinsera’s many initiatives such as the fashion over coffee book club, and the inclusion of sign language in Quinsera’s work truly excite me. Quinsera is helping bridge the knowledge gap and so it’s an honour to support in any way I can"
- Elorm Sika Amankwa, Founder, Ace Avenue Agency.


“Fashion over Coffee” is a much-needed initiative to help get important information about our industry out there. We can’t wait for someone to come tell us what they think sustainability means in Africa — we know ourselves and we live it everyday. We just need to be more assertive in steering the narrative
 - Georgètte Dwomoh-Appiah, Founder, Rouge Palette.


"This project is important to me because I believe that as a creative, I should do my best to protect the environment that fuels my creativity. Also, I should be able to create products that are socially and economically sustainable. Hence, an opportunity to learn and equip myself with the necessary knowledge alongside other fashion enthusiasts to achieve that is something I embrace fully. "
- Melissa Aba Wallace, Fashion Illustrator.